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Safe Innovation Approach (SIA)


The Safe Innovation Approach (SIA) helps regulators and innovators to check safety and regulatory issues of nanomaterials and nano-enabled products. Innovators become more aware of uncertain risks from the early stage of the innovation onwards, and can therefore create safer and more cost-effective innovations. Regulators are better prepared for new innovations and ongoing technological developments in the field of nanotechnology. SIA is a combination of the Safe by Design concept and the Regulatory Preparedness concept and has been developed in the NanoReg2 project.  

The promised benefits and outcomes of SIA are shown in the picture below and include the reduced time required for R&D, innovators who are better prepared for future regulatory changes and more cost-effective innovations.

For an additional explanation of the Safe Innovation Approach have a look at this short video:

SIA toolbox

The website of the SIA toolbox collects a variety of tools to estimate the risks of nanomaterials. The tools are applicable to various phases of the innovation process: Early phase (Potential), Midterm phase (Indicator) and Late phase (Demonstrator). Additionally, the tools are characterized by goals with an emphasis on the risks, costs, or benefits.

After making a selection, a list of tools appears which is suitable to your situation.


Another toolbox for evaluating the risks and safety of nanomaterials is developed by the RIVM. The Nanotoolselector supports companies to become aware of possible health risks of nanomaterials for their employees. Around 40 tools are collected and characterized by availability, application, knowledge-level of the user, usability and quality. The description of the tools is in Dutch.